Easy Fit Snow Chains

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Sick of getting stuck in the snow?  Or sliding in the slush and mud?

These easy to fit snow chains are the solution!  Simply fasten the chain to your vehicle wheels with the easy to fasten strap, and they grip tightly to your wheel giving you enough purchase to get out of the snow or mud.

Traditional snow chains can be heavy and difficult to fit, but these as so simple to use and don’t weigh a ton.

Perfect to keep in the trunk or inside the car, these are super handy and great for getting you un-stuck!


Color: black + orange
Material: rubber + nylon
Anti-skid chain size(approx.): length 18CM/7.08", width 7.5CM/2.95", thickness 2.8CM/1.1"
Nylon strap length(approx.): 104CM/40.94"
Suitable for: all kinds of tires
Pack contains 2 chains